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Don't Get Lost in Translation

“Change your opinions, keep to your principles; change your leaves, keep intact your roots.” - Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo may not have been talking about brands, but if the shoe fits, we’ll gladly put it on. Brands evolve. As they should.  But a brand should never lose touch with its roots; it all started somewhere, somehow, somewhere, with a vision, mission, an idea and focus. Similarly, you have certain principles that form the foundation of your brand. Particular values that define your brand. Roots and principles you cannot and should not ignore.

More often than not, we find that brands veer away from their roots and principles as they lose focus. And focus is easily lost when new opportunities come knocking or when business becomes solely sales-based. Considering the circumstances, we understand why and how this can happen; from a brand perspective: this is not okay. You should hang onto your roots and principles.

What you should do, is “change your leaves” and “change your opinions” from time to time. In other words, be pragmatic and translate your brand to the here and now. Take Heinz Ketchup: it still tastes the same as ever, but the bottle has gone through multiple changes over decades. Or Philips, who underwent a visual make-over in 2013, adhered to the original elements of their iconic logo, but made it softer, more rounded, a bit bolder, and still undeniably close to their identity. And keeping with Philips’ innovative roots, the pay-off was changed to “innovation and you”.

Styles change, cultures evolve, thresholds move, new innovations and tools open up new avenues, and they all influence your brand. Let them, just make sure you don’t uproot your brand and get lost in translation.

We will help you achieve Growth for Good by getting to the core of your brand, (re)shaping it, and connecting it to your audience. Peas+Carrots

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