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No Business, No Branding

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

If you don’t get the business, you don’t get to do the branding.

We have come across many agencies that tell their clients:

“We understand branding, but not your business. And that’s great, right? Because the business, that’s your thing.”

We call bluff. It’s too meager.

How can you advise a company on building their brand if you don’t understand the product, the customers, the suppliers and the business model? You should understand your clients’ business AND understand branding if you want to have any chance of creating the right branding.

Like one of our good clients Marc Paro from Software and Engineering Company Paro told us off the bat: “I will explain the difference between my products once, and you’re free to ask me anything in detail about it, but after that I don’t want to have to explain it ever again!”

And he is absolutely right. Listening carefully to clients explain their business and making sure you have a firm grasp is key. It’s the foundation of being able to give solid advice and build the brand the right way (avoiding going back to square one because you didn’t listen diligently). Because if you don’t, then you have no business branding their business.

We will help you achieve Growth for Good by getting to the core of your brand, (re)shaping it, and connecting it to your audience. Peas+Carrots

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