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The Story in Branding | #10 Character Arc

Robert McKee: “The finest writing not only reveals true character, but arcs or changes that inner nature, for better or worse, over the course of the telling.”

People and brands evolve. And that’s fine. It is in fact natural. But beware of the extremes (not enough or too much).

Jay-Z is always a great example we can learn from. He uses other artists very wisely and selectively to fuel his change; artists who are at the top of their game at that moment. This way his style constantly evolves and he incorporates (smaller or larger) style elements from them. In 2002 he collaborated with cross over sing and songwriter Lenny Kravitz. In 2004 he teamed with rockers Linkin Park. At the end of the 0’s he did songs with his longer time protege Rihanna and legendary britpop band Coldplay. And, of course, he worked together a lot with his (former?) protegé Kanye West. Right now he’s collaborating a lot with his wife Beyonce. He stays on top of his game by using his own super strong brand and adding some extra new cool shine from the others, but he does not lose his own identity. It’s a matter of evolution, not revolution.

Philips is probably one of the brands that has stretched that evolution most often, from being the lighting company to becoming the consumer electronics company to nowadays being the latter AND growing fast in the medical business. When it comes to communication here’s a video from one of Philips competitors Bosch that stretches their possibly little traditional image into relevant and believable modern territories (h/t our buddy Robert Veltman for sharing this video with us).

What’s you(r brand’s) character arc?

Storytelling has been hyped and booed off stage. We don’t really like either extreme. We simply value storytelling as a proven set of principles (not rules) to excite and entice an audience, build a brand and create great work. Nobody describes storytelling better than Robert McKee. That’s why we decided to take you with us on a journey, describing and capturing what we can learn from storytelling and its principles. We’ll start with a quote or excerpt from aforementioned book and illustrate the essence through a marketing example.

We will help you achieve Growth for Good by getting to the core of your brand, (re)shaping it, and connecting it to your audience. Peas+Carrots

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