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The Story in Branding | #5 Success through Stamina

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Robert McKee: “No one can teach what will sell, what won’t, what will be a smash or a fiasco, because no one knows.”

That was true for the launch of Coke II (a great story if you don’t know it yet) in 1985, and even in our era of Google, Facebook and Amazon and their algorithms McKee still has a valid point, when it comes to branding and brand storytelling.

At one of the fmcg companies I was a marketer, the biggest problem of innovation was the fact 80% of them didn’t make it in the end. After some digging, we learnt we didn’t support them long enough; in fact most of the time we only fully did so in Year 1 (and a bit in Year 2), whilst research showed you needed to support an innovation for at least three years in a row in order for it to grow its full potential. So stamina and perseverance are two vital elements to make an innovation successful and embraced by the market. Of course, it makes no sense to keep supporting something that doesn’t work, but don’t give up to easily either. It can come across as cool and tough to stop supporting a new product or service, but in my opinion it is much cooler to really try and make something work, even (or maybe especially) when it takes longer than expected.

Ending this again with McKee inspired quote: “Because of the world’s ravenous appetite for new things, new brands, new stories, new extensions to stories, innovations are often ditched before their ripe.”

Storytelling has been hyped and booed off stage. We don’t really like either extreme. We simply value storytelling as a proven set of principles (not rules) to excite and entice an audience, build a brand and create great work. Nobody describes storytelling better than Robert McKee. That’s why we decided to take you with us on a journey, describing and capturing what we can learn from storytelling and its principles. We’ll start with a quote or excerpt from aforementioned book and illustrate the essence through a marketing example.

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