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Try Something New!

“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old”  - Peter Drucker

It’s not easy killing your darlings. But if you’ve been doing the same trick for a long time, more often than not the novelty wears off, impacting business (not in a good way). It is a truth we see day in day out, because these are the people that knock on our door. 

New technologies that make your product obsolete, evolved expectations by customers, lost focus, competitors that outsmart you, or half-heartedly/not pivoting to digital. The cause can take many shapes and forms. And, the cause matters, but should be a lesson learned more than anything else. No need to keep dwelling on (obvious) mistakes from the past. Marketing is just as much about being pragmatic, as being creative or innovative.

We believe the remedy is found in taking a few steps back, dig deep to unearth the original brand essence, build on the lesson, and devise a strategy that fits the now and foreseeable future. Take it from a brand like Nokia, who has gone from great highs to near extinction, or Fiat pimping the 500 into a success, and all the shoe brands that have brought back to life their ‘originals' (Nike Air Max, Saucony, Adidas, Karhu, Puma, etc.) effectively boosting their business.

Customers know Peter Drucker was right, no need to put salt in the wounds, but reconnect with your brand, kill the darlings that hurt you, and reinvent yourself to withstand the next 10 years (or so). Until the truth rears its ugly head and it’s time to do something new again.

We will help you achieve Growth for Good by getting to the core of your brand, (re)shaping it, and connecting it to your audience. Peas+Carrots

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